Bayern Central pays farewell to the blogosphere

Today, we cease publishing Bayern Central permanently. Blogs come and go and whenever you start a project, you know it will end one day. Today, it is our turn.

We could have kept going. Our network never asked us to stop and recent statistics are the best we ever had. However, I have a personal motive: a strong desire to move on to a post-blogging life.
Everyone who has run a football blog knows that it becomes a lifestyle. Match coverage and news obsess you and they never stop. Managing a team remotely also is a challenge. Those realities mean that blogging requires a significant investment in time.

After a seven-year journey in the blogosphere, I want to reclaim time to do other things. I don’t define myself by old-school standards such as starting a family or career ambitions. I value “me time” and hobby ideas keep popping up. A creative project here, a sport there… I could easily keep myself busy if I did not have to work for a living. For instance, I will spend as much time as possible biking around Germany and Europe in the coming months and years.

The blogging scene has changed, too. Let’s not kid ourselves about that. Sports sites and social media overly focus on rumours and clickbait. The noise is an unwelcome distraction for bloggers who make “talking about football” their primary objective. It certainly has irritated me in the last few years.

Nevertheless, I hit the Off button with pride. Bayern Central is at the height of its powers! We hit a traffic record in April, blowing past the previous record with ease. In seven years, we served millions of pages worldwide and joined a credible network. Two of us have used this publishing experience to make life-changing moves to Germany.

Putting Bayern Central in someone else’s hands is absolutely out of the question because a blog’s identity is tied to its founder. Merging with another Bayern blog is also out because adopting a different vision for the sake of being published would water it down. Just no.

Last but not least, I want to thank everyone who contributed to Bayern Central. Each individual who wrote and edited here brought value in their own way. I especially owe a lot to my partner in crime Juan Pablo González. That pesky young man insisted to join, back in 2012, when I wanted Bayern Central to be my personal playtoy. He grew incredibly as a writer under my watch and I am proud of it.

We bid farewell, dear readers. It has been a blast.