Player ratings: Thiago and Müller glow in dramatic Bayern win at Wolfsburg

Bayern displayed a muted, cautious performance against Wolfsburg, with Thiago and a late Müller showing their excellence.


Thiago Alcântara

Some precise, clever passes. He was his efficient self. He did have some clumsy moments. He was subbed off with half an hour to go. After returning from injury, this was most likely so that he can be saved up for Tuesday’s Champions’ League fixture.

Thomas Müller

He came on late, sure but he had an instant impact. The moment he was subbed on (61’) the team began looking more cohesive and confident. It makes sense he was on the bench as he will be crucial on Tuesday. The entire team performed better when he was speeding through, feeding the ball up into Wolfsburg’s third.


Javi Martínez

He was in control from the get go. His chemistry with Thiago was exceptional. What was clearly noticeable was that Javi kept intelligent control of the ball – but as an apparent defensive midfielder. This is noteworthy because he was mean to play as a defender but he appeared to push forward a lot.

This would not have been a problem if the rest of the defenders were keeping it tight at the back – but they were not. Although he was stubborn, he still showed his intelligence. That is why I have downgraded him from ‘excellent’ to ‘great’. 

Robert Lewandowski

I am aware he came on only for a few minutes in the second half and that may not be enough to give a full performance analysis, but for the time he was on the pitch, he did add more of a clinical bite (ouch?) to Bayern’s attack. He scored Bayern’s second goal from a penalty, with his cool, calm and collected demeanour proving his worth. 

Niklas Süle

In the beginning of the game, he appeared to be a little slow and not alert. A few minutes in however he sped up and woke up. He dipped back and performed his defensive duties as well as moving the game forward to help create chances. His role was crucial in ensuring Wolfsburg’s attacks did not slip through the (several) cracks and he did this well. 

Arjen Robben

He was good and was really pushing himself today. He did have a chance to score from a pass in from Ribéry,  but it was offside. He worked incredibly hard during his entire time on the pitch and provided a solid cross on the equalizer.

David Alaba

He came on to replace Franck Ribéry (66’) and was the defensive presence Bayern seemed to be craving. They played more cautiously once he came on, and he did well to try and plug the defensive holes.


Sven Ulreich

Ulreich was alright. He did not have many shots to save, but did okay. He did let in a goal although he lept in the right direction to try and save the shot. He got a hand on it but it was not enough. In the end, he was decent.

Sandro Wagner

He had a quiet first half but things changed in the second half of the game when he scored the opener. He is not quite at the Lewa-level – but there is certainly heaps of potential.



He did well to mark the Wolfsburg attackers, keeping close to them and thwarting their passes. He was not quite speedy enough at times, but this is no big shock.

Corentin Tolisso

Quiet. Towards the end of the first half he did begin to get into the game, making some tackles. They were effective, although a bit clumsy. He does need to ramp it up a notch.

Franck Ribéry

It makes me sad to see him as frustrated as he was today although there were a few bright moments. He picked up a yellow card (37’) for an unnecessarily rough tackle that was close to being deemed a red. He seemed slow and ineffective but not for lack of trying. It is good to note that the Robbéry collaboration is still alive. In the final moments of the first half, Bayern’s best chance came from Ribéry’s pass forward to Robben who shot the ball on target – however it was offside.


Juan Bernat

Glitchy but he did seem to sort himself out towards the final moments of the afternoon. This was not enough though.

Sebastian Rudy

Where was his spark?  He had started with so much potential and displayed such brilliance but it was invisible. 

Not rated

Tom Starke, Mats Hummels, Joshua Kimmich, Jerôme Boateng