Three talking points on Bayern's 2:0 win in Mainz

Despite winning comfortably at Mainz, Bayern did not act as a well-oiled machine we are hoping it does. Today’s thoughts are based more on what I saw as weaknesses in the game from Bayern’s perspective.

Rafinha side attacks by Mainz

Almost all of the Mainz attacks came down Bayern’s right, especially in the first half. Mainz knew well to expose Rafinha’s pace or the lack of it. They, fortunately, did not convert or make anything of it. Bayern, with its Champions League ambitions, needs a better backup for the full-backs than Rafinha at this juncture.
Hopefully, they sign someone to fill this position in the summer. Rafinha has been a brilliant player for Bayern for a number of years but his lack of pace and inaccuracies have been increasingly prominent these couple of seasons.

Slow to start again

Bayern have been taking a few minutes to start getting a grip on this game and are not on the money from the get-go. This has been a problem in the last few games. Against Hoffenheim, Bayern were slow and sluggish, conceding two goals early on and later powering back into the game and winning comfortably.
This game as well, Bayern started sluggishly and allowed Mainz to get on the ball easily. The Bavarians had to defend for the first 20 odd minutes before growing into the game. This pattern needs to be arrested immediately by Heynckes before the “big games” start.

Sebastian Rudy’s performance

Sebastian Rudy has been good in the last game and good today. Unfortunately, good is not good enough for the level Bayern play. A clumsy back pass found its way to Muto who Rudy had to eventually tackle and give a freekick away at a dangerous area.
Thankfully for Bayern, Mainz made a mess of it. Also during the Hoffenheim game, Rudy misplaced a back pass straight into the opponent. Individual errors will cost the team dearly sooner or later and they need to be ironed out.
Despite the negatives that you read in the article, this is absolutely not a reflection of how the match really went. Bayern won comfortably with two goals to no reply, but when you want this team to win it all, there is always a need to identify the clinks in the armour and iron them out. Today’s thoughts were more in this direction.