Bayern power rankings for October 2017

September 2017 will not be a favourite among FC Bayern München fans. Our power rankings for the month.

Man of the month

9.5 Sebastian Rudy

The signing of the summer! Rudy has probably been our most consistent central midfielder in this campaign, rarely making mistakes. His control of the passing game is strong and he is pretty solid defensively.

Going strong

9 Joshua Kimmich

The young right-back is proving to be one of the smartest transfers in years. At less than 10 million euros, he is an adequate replacement for Philipp Lahm. Moving well, partnering with the right wing and crossing are the strengths he has displayed since the beginning of the season. 4 assists and one goal last month, including three assists against Mainz. Nice job, kid.

8 Niklas Süle

The giant acquired from Hoffenheim has been pretty solid most of the time. An anchor at the back and a danger when coming forward to take headers, he also has the size to man-handle most football players. Beware of his lack of speed, though. It has been exposed by PSG.

8 Arturo Vidal

Here is a guy we sorely missed when he missed a few matches. As soon as he returned, he added some punch to the team with his usual feisty style. Does he always pick a yellow card? Yes. A combative approach cannot be replaced, though. I fancy him playing with Javi as a double six.

8 James Rodriguez

Although his playing time has been a bit limited, James made a strong impression. Covering the whole pitch, winning balls, engineering attacks and taking shots, the Colombian scored and assisted against Schalke. He deserves more playing time.

8 Robert Lewandowski

LeBob is hard to rate this month. He has scored in almost every game, but has not been overly impressive due to lack of service. It is not his fault if most teams have been defending with 6 to 10 men in the penalty area, forcing hopeless crosses out of the attack.

Doing OK

7.5 Mats Hummels

A small dip in form for the star centre-back. Hummels has been a bit inconsistent, alternating between solid defending and lack of concentration. Unfortunately, the latter cost goals.

7.5 Arjen Robben

We have a Robben dependence and it shows when he underperforms, as he did recently. He had little impact against PSG and Hertha, and that hurt the team.

7.5 Javi Martinez

Javi has been less stellar in the first matches of the season, but there may be light at the end of the tunnel after four years of darkness. Willy Sagnol’s decision to start him as a central midfielder worked rather well against Hertha last weekend. Let’s use one of our best players where he belongs, shall we?

7.5 Thiago Alcantara

Thiagod no more. The central midfielder is not incredibly inspired on the ball and he lacks presence nowadays. Given the standards he established last season, he is having an average start.

7.5 Corentin Tolisso

His performance so far is a mixed bag. The talent is there. The first couple of matches were nice to watch. His attacking instincts are interesting and he has provided assists against Schalke and Hertha. The problem is defending. Tolisso needs to improve, and vastly, to make his mark in Munich.

Can improve

7 Franck Ribéry

As influential as he can be in the dressing room, Franck can be disappointing on the pitch. Before picking up an injury, he often failed to make a dent in the final third. In fact, he has not scored or provided an assist so far this season.

7 Kingsley Coman

Here is a young man who has to improve for the team to do better this season. With Franck Ribéry out, Coman cannot afford to only master dribbling with elusive skills. Better passing, more confidence to shoot and superior crossing should be top priorities.

7 Rafinha

Raf is a victim of the situation. Having to play as a makeshift left-back is not optimal for him because his positioning and crossing can never be as accurate on the other flank. He gave an honest effort, though.

7 Sven Ulreich

What a patch for Ulreich. He has often lacked the assurance to get in the right position when challenging attackers, although he made a few good saves. You always downgrade when losing Manuel Neuer to injury, but nobody thought that a guy hired to be a reliable second would be this disappointing.
Tom Starke, we need you.

6 Thomas Müller

Sorry dude, but you deserve being benched at the moment. One strong game doesn’t make a season. Lack of incisiveness is all over your game and it shows in the small decisions you can’t make and in the chances you should put away.


David Alaba, Jérôme Boateng, Manuel Neuer, Juan Bernat, Christian Früchtl