Player ratings: Germany faces bright future as youngsters shine

Germany’s youngsters helped them beat Northern Ireland 3:1 as Kimmich, Rudy and Wanger stood out.


Sebastian Rudy

Rudy scored a phenomenal goal just a minute into the game, from outside the box. He was perfectly positioned, aimed it well and fired it into the goal with powerful ease. He was a star performer this evening, working hard, pushing himself into all the right places on the pitch and working the ball forward.

Joshua Kimmich

He played quite high up the pitch, acting as a winger on the right for much of the game. He was providing perfectly-timed assists tonight, positioning himself cleverly. His dynamism must be applauded, he is growing into a major force to be reckoned with. He even got his name on the scoresheet as Germany made it 3:0 in the 87th minute. He scored with his right foot from a tight angle.

Sandro Wagner

He had a glorious chance to convert a Kimmich chance but his touch was just a bit miscalculated as the ball went just wide of the net (18’). He redeemed himself moments later as he ran right in front of the centre of the net and shot the ball straight past the keeper, connecting with a ball from Müller and sending a solid strike into the back of the net (20’).


Thomas Müller

The captain worked hard, providing key touches to move the ball forward. He was crucial in providing assists out of pretty much nowhere (no big shock here though). Müller had the chance to assist a goal (19’) from the left wing, passing the ball over to Wagner but the shot was just a bit mistimed and he was unable to reach it. The captain did not stop trying, however. He fired the ball – a bit clumsily – in from the right wing over to a waiting Plattenhardt (20’) who capitalised on this from the centre of the goal-mouth. It was a perfectly timed chance this time. His assists never lacked aim, but sometimes were a bit miscalculated. Still, he was working incredibly hard and gets an A+ for effort.

Toni Kroos

He was key this evening, dipping back and helping with defence often (which was not too much work, to be fair) as well as passing the ball forward and helping Germany maintain possession.


Jérôme Boateng

It is certainly good to have Boa back. He was a solid presence at the back, especially when the rest of the defence were a bit slow. He was dynamic for most of the game but began to show weaknesses in the second. He could have marked Josh Magennis tighter, he did not however and the latter got a sharp shot on target, pulling one back for the home side.

Marc-André ter Stegen

It was difficult to classify ter Stegen as he did not really have much to do this evening. That being said, he did allow a goal in, and made us all miss Neuer a little *wipes tear*.


Marvin Plattenhardt

He was slow at times, which proved dangerous as he was unable to thwart Ireland’s attackers from speeding  away with the ball close to the net. He played high up along with the rest of the team (super high up) but did dip back when he was required to. His tackling showed promise.

Mats Hummels

He was mildly off the mark this evening. He did alright for most of the game but in the final third he did make some awkward mistakes and was dispossessed the ball a couple of times.

Julian Draxler

He did alright in the first half but had a few blunders in the second. He was misplacing tackles and making erroneous calls, which did lead to Northern Ireland getting (relatively) close to scoring. He was subbed off in the 72nd minute, giving way to Sané. Not too impressive tonight.

Leon Goretzka

He had a pretty quiet evening but did fine. He was subbed off with 20 minutes remaining. Meh.



Not rated

Trapp, Leno, Mustafi, Ginter, Süle, Stindl, Can, Sané, Younis, Rüdiger, Brandt