Player ratings: Mesut Özil stands out in a sluggish Germany

Germany managed to scratch out a 2:1 win from a bad performance in Prague. As a result, our ratings are not exactly pretty. Mesut Özil saved face for Die Mannschaft.


Yeah, right.


Mesut Özil

The Arsenal man played in a gear of his own. He constantly tried to pick out teammates with passes. It was one of those efforts that found Timo Werner in space for the first goal. Despite having to carry the team on his back for most of the game, Özil looked primed to get the ball and get it moving.


Mats Hummels

Number 5 scored the winner with a lovely header from a Toni Kroos free kick. In defence, Hummels was his usual solid self, except for a late free kick he conceded. Nothing spectacular, but not particularly bad either.

Toni Kroos

The Snake™ [editor’s note: 🐍] turned in a decent display as well. Essentially, it was classic Kroos. Pinpoint, intelligent passing and few mistakes. Kroos knows how to get the team moving and how to distribute the ball. Alas, everyone was so stagnant today that even Kroos looked lacklustre.

Lars Stindl

Stindl tried a few shots that were far too easy for the Czech goalkeeper. Still, it was nice to see him try to wake up from Germany’s collective lethargy.

Timo Werner

The RB Leipzig man found the space between defenders to score the first goal. Indeed, it was another piece of evidence that Werner is special. However, he fell into the same pathology as the rest of the team after that shard of light.

Marc-André ter Stegen

Ter Stegen produced a few good saves throughout the game, particularly in the first half. There was little he could do to stop Vladimir Darida’s missile of a shot. He could, however, work on improving his goal kicks.


Thomas Müller

I don’t think we can ever say that Thomas Müller doesn’t try. Still, there was plenty of impotence and helplessness in Müller’s performance today. He was well marked by the Czech defence, and there was not enough movement around him to set him free.

Joshua Kimmich

Kimmich only took to the wing properly after Antonio Rüdiger came on. Before that, he looked slightly uncomfortable. Still, it was not a bad performance. The game was very tight and Kimmich did his defensive work well. However, I wanted to see him in a more attacking mindset.


Jonas Hector

It was an unusually bad display from Hector, who made the wrong decisions when passing short and long. He was visibly frustrated and annoyed. He can and probably will do better in the next game.

Matthias Ginter

I have no idea why Ginter keeps getting call-ups to the national team. He is insecure and makes awful decisions on the ball. Mats Hummels, or indeed anyone who pairs up in central defence, needs a better partner. Niklas Süle would have been a far better choice.

Julian Brandt

Brandt was overeager and hotheaded to do the right thing. As a result, he lost balls and was easily marked in the well-populated Czech defensive third. He is a terrific player, but he needs to start playing with his teammates and reading the motions of the game to make better choices.