An improved Bayern side comfortably beats Mainz by 3:1

Bayern managed a 3:1 away victory after coming back from an early goal deficit. The Bavarians take the lead in the Bundesliga until Leipzig’s Saturday match against Schalke.

First half: from agony to ecstasy

The match started with a very offensive Mainz, much more than the line up would have suggested. Bayern were taken by surprise and conceded a early goal (4’) following a quick counter. Córdoba sprinted past Martinez and shot low to the far post from a tight angle, past a diving Hummels and a static Neuer.

With a goal to bo,ast Mainz were in charge of the match. However, a perfect sliding tackle from Lahm allowed Robben to sprint down the right and set up Lewandowski for a neat shot past the onrushing keeper as a quick response to going down so early (8’).

Despite conceding an equaliser just minutes later the hosts did not concede possession so easily. They forced the Reds  to gradually build up momentum.

The Bavarians came close to taking the lead minutes later. Müller (14’) did well to control the ball, but was denied a chipped goal by the rushing Lössl. The keeper managed to deflect the shot out of danger.

The inevitable did happen just minutes later (21’) as Bayern took ahold of a 2:1 lead. Robben atypically headed the ball in from close range following Müller’s cross on right.

It was Robben, at the edge of an offside, who came close to another goal (25’), but surprisingly, his lifted shot that sailed over both Lössl and the goal following a clever flick from Müller.

The half ended with a close call (44’) as Mainz wasted a valuable free-kick from close range following a handball from Martinez just outside the ball in a dangerous situation.

Second half: relaxed domination

Bayern hit the ground running as Robben, set up by Müller’s heeled pass, shot over (48’) following one of his usual runs, drifting in from the right. Mainz replied quickly as they went forward to push Bayern back into their own half.

It didn’t last long though, as die Roten took ahold of play and possession to push Mainz near their own box, to the point of suffocation. The home team were forced to send the ball aimlessly forward following lengthy spells without a single touch.

Robben kept looking for his second goal and came close (64’), following a quick run on the break, as he was denied at the last second by the vigilant Lössl in a one-on-one.

The match balanced out as Bayern looked in no hurry to score a decisive third goal, while Mainz still kept the hope of an equalizer alive with occasional incursions into the Reds half.

Lewandowski effectively ended the match with a perfectly executed free-kick from close range (91’). The Pole send the ball over the wall to the top corner as he left Lössl completely still.

In the end Bayern wore down Mainz by making the ball run for them and finished the match with a relatively easy win.


1:0 Cordoba (4’)
1:1 Lewandowski (8’)
1:2 Robben (21’)
1:3 Lewandowski (91′)


Bayern München


Bench:Ulreich, Rafinha, Boateng, Bernat

Yellow cards: Martinez (44’), Lewandowski (76’)

FSV Mainz 05


Bench: Huth, Bungert, Bussmann, Seydel

Yellow cards: Cordoba (83’), Bell (85’), Balogun (91’)

Match statistics

Bayern München FSV Mainz 05
Pass success
Shots on target

Game details

Matchday: 13
Location: Opel Arena, in Mainz
Final score: 3:1 for Bayern
Referee: Daniel Siebert

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