Bayern power rankings, October 2016

Kimmichism is taking hold at FC Bayern München. Joshua Kimmich tops our rankings for September while Franck Ribéry comes close. Otherwise, we downgrade numerous players.

Man of the month

Joshua Kimmich9.5: Joshua Kimmich

Glorious! Kimmich showed surprising finishing skills, ending the month with five goals and arguably two “man of the match” performances. Good composure and distribution on the ball and generally solid defending by the young striker midfielder. Who expected this much? (Last month: not rated)

Going strong

Franck Ribéry9: Franck Ribéry

A fine month for the Frenchman! His acceleration in the transition game helped the team score on the counter, as he provided five assists against Rostov, Ingolstadt and Hamburg. He also scored a beauty of a dribbler’s goal when FCB hosted Hertha. We can hardly ask for more. (Last month: 7.5)

Thiago Alcântara8.5: Thiago Alcântara

One of the best men in the squad in September, with pace and poise on the ball. Actually one of the few who did anything valuable against Madrid in the Champions League. (Last month: 8)

Javi Martínez8.5: Javi Martínez

Probably still the best man of the season so far, Javi did struggle a bit in September. A few slips created scoring opportunities for opponents. At the end of the month, he showed frustration on several occasions, even punching a Köln player in the back. Not a concern, but something to watch. (Last month: 9)

David Alaba8.5: David Alaba

If Bayern had defensive problems, it was not due to Alaba’s performances. He covered his flank well. His runs and crosses created danger most of the time on the wing… when he did not invade Hertha’s penalty area. (Last month: 8)

Manuel Neuer8.5: Manuel Neuer

If the team had two difficult games at the end of the month, it is hardly is fault. Conceding four goals in seven games is by no means bad either, especially when Anthony Modeste’s was impossible to save. Neuer played well at the back, having some of his sweeper moments and distributing increasingly well as time passed. (Last month: 8.5)

Doing OK

Xabi Alonso8: Xabi Alonso

Good in distribution, he was not effective against Atlético and he made his fair share of mistakes last month. A great goal from outside the box against Ingolstadt probably prevents a bigger rating drop. (Last month: 8.5)

Robert Lewandowski8: Robert Lewandowski

The start of the month was strong with three goals and an assist, his best performance coming against Schalke. However, Lewy went silent against Hertha, Hamburg, Atlético and Köln. Sometimes it was misfiring, sometimes it was being taken out of the game. (Last month: 9)

Rafinha8: Rafinha

Not perfect, but generally dependable. He was solid enough against Rostov, has scored a pretty goal against Ingolstadt and almost put another one in against Köln. His defending probably was the best against that last team. (Last month: not rated)

Can improve

Thomas Müller7.5: Thomas Müller

Save for a good performance against Rostov in the Champions League, Müller was quiet for most of the month. His flashes of brilliance led to unfinished chances or, as against Köln, terrific saves by a goalkeeper. After a decent start, is he growing uncomfortable on the right wing? (Last month: 9)

Philipp Lahm7.5: Philipp Lahm

One of his worst performances in a Bayern kit at Atlético weighs heavily on his rating. Otherwise he played fine, but keep in mind that having tons of space against Hamburg made him look better than when he was under intense pressure. (Last month: 8)

Arturo Vidal7.5: Arturo Vidal

Save for a solid performance against Ingolstadt and a good sub-in impact against Schalke, Vidal’s month was more difficult. He either was quiet or he made the wrong noises by committing a penalty area foul that is worth a red card against Atlético. (Last month: 9)

Juan Bernat7.5: Juan Bernat

We criticised him very often in the past 12 months, but we can give him credit for two decent performances. His runs and crosses against Rostov and Köln have been good. He assisted on two goals. Were he to play like that regularly, he would win more fans. (Last month: not rated)

Mats Hummels7: Mats Hummels

Hummels had an average month. Silent against Hertha and shaky at the back against Atlético and Köln. There is no doubt that he is capable of playing great football, but we have yet to see him shine since he joined. We can be patient, though. (Last month: 8.5)

Renato Sanches7: Renato Sanches

A difficult start for the youngster, but we can afford to be patient with him. His pace is a question mark. His instinct on the ball seems to get better with time. It may just be a matter of months for him to find his role in this team, knowing he will not be the centrepiece anytime soon. (Last month: not rated)

Unrated due to lack of playing time

Tom Starke, Sven Ulreich, Jérôme Boateng, Holger Badstuber, Arjen Robben, Douglas Costa, Kingsley Coman, Julian Green