Rekord Pod hits 100! Discussing Bayern’s Twitter account with Cristian Nyari

FC Bayern’s US Twitter account is becoming a thing in and of itself, and as it’s a notable occurrence in the world of German football, we figured a conversation with someone who runs it was in order.

This is kind of the podcast version of a birthday isn’t it? 100! That’s a big, round number!

The title of this show is accurate, as we go in-depth about @FCBayernUS and the brutal owns it dishes out on a daily basis with one of the administrators of the account. The conversation goes into how Bayern’s vision for social media differs from that of other teams and brands, as well as the guiding philosophy behind the strategy.

In the second half of the program, it’s all tactics. Cris stays on as we delve into the first few games under Carlo Ancelotti, especially the thriller two weeks ago in Gelsenkirchen. What’s changed? What hasn’t? What will? These questions and more are addressed in this week’s show.

As always, listen below or on your podcasting service of choice. Thanks for helping us hit 100!