Rekordmeister Podcast 101: Bayern's misery at Atlético (with Robbie Dune)

Tactical analysis of FC Bayern’s first loss of the season away to Atlético de Madrid. We are joined by Atléti writer Robbie Dunne to cover the ins and outs of what turned out to be a tactical disaster for the Bavarians.
FC Bayern lost their first match of the season to the very team that ended their Champions League hopes last term, Atlético de Madrid. There was so much that went awry for FCB, but by the same token so much that came off brilliantly for Diego Simeone’s team.
Robbie Dunne, a writer for Atléti site Into The Calderón, helped Susie and Scott breakdown the match from a non-Bayern perspective.
We sometimes find that matches Bayern lose provide for better podcasts, and we have near-certainty that this is one of our best yet. Listen in the player below, or wherever you get your podcasts: