Bayern power rankings, May 2016

Arturo Vidal currently is the alpha male at FC Bayern München in what is otherwise a team far away from peak form.

Man of the month

Arturo Vidal9.5: Arturo Vidal

This pick is a no-brainer. Vidal has been a star in a disappointing team, scoring four goals and covering the whole midfield. You can hardly ask a player to do more than he did. He is a force at FCB. ( April: 8.5)

Going strong

Thomas Müller9: Thomas Müller

With four goals in a month, the Raumdeuter is doing well once again. He did not have much of an impact when brought on against Atlético de Madrid, but spending 70 minutes on the bench should never have been a part of the game plan. (April: 9)

Philipp Lahm9: Philipp Lahm

Leaders step it up in the big games, giving the example. That is exactly what Lahm has done against Atlético de Madrid, although it was a losing cause, and against Schalke. He is dangerous with the ball at his feet, making good passes and crosses. ( April: 7.5)

Doing OK

Joshua Kimmich8: Joshua Kimmich

Perhaps inconsistent throughout the month, Kimmich played his best football as a midfielder against Mönchengladbach, showing intelligence on the ball. He does not start in the big games, though. Does Guardiola still trust him? ( April: 8.5)

Manuel Neuer8: Manuel Neuer

What normally is a strength is becoming a question mark. Neuer’s ball distribution is not as effective as it once was, making his adventures outside the penalty area riskier than before. He still racks up the clean sheets, but the trend is a concern. ( April: 9)

Javi Martínez8: Javi Martínez

Javi scored on a corner at Atlético, dealt with Werder Bremen’s crosses and took care of last-ditch tackles. He however played with fire against Benfica. Not his best month ever, but he was rather solid. (April: unrated)

Franck Ribéry8: Franck Ribéry

Very strong against Stuttgart and Benfica, Franck has seen more limited playing time in the second half of the month. This diminished his ability to have an impact on the games. Was he injured? Or tired? We hope he can play against Atlético in the second leg. ( April: 8.5)

Robert Lewandowski8: Robert Lewandowski

Besides a brace against Schalke 04, the Polish striker has been silent lately, perhaps because he has played too much this season. The team needs a backup to rest him every once in a while. ( April: 9)

Kingsley Coman7.5: Kingsley Coman

This guy suffered one of the biggest drops in form since we started publishing our rankings. Intelligent on the ball without being efficient, Coman did not find the back of the net or ways to feed decisive passes to his mates. ( April: 9.5)

Rafinha7.5: Rafinha

Limited playing time in a very busy month has made it hard for him to impress. However, he has rarely made a mistake. He also was all over the place, with runs and crosses, against Schalke. ( April: 7)

Can improve

Thiago Alcantara7.5: Thiago Alcântara

Good at the beginning of the month, Thiago dipped as time passed. Now he is invisible offensively and he struggles to manage pressure in the midfield. What is going on? ( April: 8.5)

Xabi Alonso7.5: Xabi Alonso

This guy remains a two-headed monster. He passed on his way to an upgrade, but defending remains a huge hole in his game. Kind of a big deal for a guy who plays mainly as holding midfielder… ( April: 7)

Douglas Costa7.5: Douglas Costa

Douglas was solid at Benfica and he scored an impressive goal against Hertha. Otherwise, he has disappointed me the rest of the way. His tactical limitations have been exposed by good defending, especially by Atlético. Can he show us more than speed and crossing? (April: 7.5)

David Alaba7: David Alaba

The Austrian international gave the ball away and made himself easy to beat in the big games against Benfica and Atlético, deserving a new downgrade. His role as a makeshift central defender has a lot to do with it, but he still played better earlier in the Rückrunde. ( April: 7.5)

Medhi Benatia7: Medhi Benatia

Improvement! Medhi has played better football in recent weeks, mostly due to timing and anticipation without the ball. Loss of confidence when Jérôme Boateng leaves the pitch remains a question mark, though, as the game against Gladbach has just showed. ( April: 6)

Mario Götze7: Mario Götze

It is nice to see him play regularly again, but he can do better. Mario is not a game changer. He cannot thrive without service while we expect him to make great plays. (April: unrated)

Juan Bernat6: Juan Bernat

Go away, Juan. ( April: 7.5)


Due to injury or lack of playing time: Ulreich, Robben, Boateng, Badstuber, Starke, Rode, Tasci