Rekordmeister Podcast 90: changing tactical roles in the Rückrunde

Scott and Susie are joined by Mia San Rot’s Tobi (@redrobbery on Twitter) to go over all the action since the winter break.

Most importantly, Joshua Kimmich has been thrown into a makeshift backline and has performed admirably. Still, doubts remain if this will work come time for the Juventus tie as well as against other very good teams, though he performed very well against a stout Leverkusen attack.

Next, it has been amazing to watch Robert Lewandowski ride this astonishing run of form in the new year but are Bayern becoming over-reliant on the striker? Is the team having a problem finding other goalscorers or will they in the near-term future? Thomas Müller and Arjen Robben factor heavily into this part of the discussion because they have seen their roles impacted as well.

Bayern’s central midfielders have been impacted by the shorthanded backline a lot themselves, which means Xabi Alonso and Thiago have had to be more aggressive in their distributive and defensive responsibilities. Their impact has been felt in 2016 but is it enough moving forward into the Champions League knockout rounds?

Lastly, the changing roles of the wingers is analyzed because we have seen Kingsley Coman get reduced playing time, not to mention Douglas Costa seeing time in a withdrawn, central role of late. Arjen Robben’s changing style is also discussed here.

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