Bayern against Wolfsburg: what to watch for

FC Bayern meets Vfl Wolfsburg at Volkswagen arena on Saturday, at 15:30 PM European time and 9:30 AM in North America. GOL TV has this game.

Here are a few points to keep in mind.

– The performance by the “Bayern block” was impressive this week against Brazil. Bastian Schweinsteiger gave direction to the team from the midfield. It made the Brazilian defense crack up. Jupp Heynckes has hinted he may adopt some of Joachim Löw’s tactics.

– Franck Ribéry is raising the bar by asking his teammates to plays as well on Saturday. This means he has to give an extra effort to act as a spark himself.

– Speaking of tactics, this will be the make or break aspect. FCB’s passing game has been incredibly predictable last season, and it was the same against Mönchengladbach. If the team wishes to earn three points per match, it has to display more creativity.

– Arjen Robben will be missing. Back problems, apparently. Expect someone like Müller to fill in on the right wing.

– Luiz Gustavo doesn’t have ideal chemistry with Schweinsteiger. Will Heynckes give a start to Anatolyi Tymoshchuk, who does? If he serious about winning, he will.

– Beware of Felix Magath, the Wolfsburg trainer. His intimidation of players tends to work early on, only to wear out later. Well, we are not yet in the “later” part.