Bayern against Kaiserslautern preview

The ingredients for the football equivalent of a carnage are very much present this week when FC Bayern plays at FC Kaiserslautern on Saturday at 9:30 AM (15:30 in Germany). GOL TV has this game.

Carnage will happen if recent form remains the same.

On the Kaiserslautern side

– The red devils did beat us last year, but they are not in their best shape so far this season, not having won yet.

– Their defense has looked disorganized, sometimes being a second late on plays. For instance, even though the goal scored by Augsburg’s Sascha Mölders was a beauty, poor defending gave him plenty of time and space to unload.

– Croatian winger/striker Illicevic remains their top attacking threat, having shown it last week against FC Köln. Recent signing Schechter, a striker from Israel, also has sparkled a bit, as his goal against Augsburg shows rather well.

– On the other hand, FCK has a problem that Bayern is familiar with: lack of finishing touch on scoring chances. Facing a revamped and rather efficient Bayern defense is not exactly a dream for them.

On the Bayern side

– Arjen Robben will miss this one. Groin injury, apparently. I would expect Müller to play on the right wing, unless Heynckes feels adventurous.

– Look at the run-and-pass work, which still needs to improve by much. The boys tend to be timid early on, getting creative as the match advances. When they will face more dangerous sides, they won’t be able to afford to waste a full half before turning on the jets.

– Franck Ribéry can do something about it. During the second half against Zürich on Tuesday, the Frenchman was playing well, although not converting. If he doesn’t get hurt, he is overdue for a smashing goal or two.

– Although it beat much inferior teams, Bayern has gained traction lately by spanking Hamburg and not giving Zürich any chance to win the Champions League tie. Not so long ago, a clear win against a team of that kind was hard to get. I see this as progress.