Manuel Neuer can speed up his transfer to Bayern… if he wants

Some very interesting terms proposed by FC Bayern to get Manuel Neuer for the next seasons were made public today, revealed by the newspapers Bild and Süddeutsche Zeitung. The biggest deal certainly is that Schalke would get at least 21 million euros in return for the goalkeeper’s services.

The transfer fee of 18 million euros gets a raise with performance bonuses, should the club win trophies and progress well in the Champions League. A minimum of 3 millions should be granted. Should FCB achieve maximum targets, the bonuses would go up to 7 milions. That would equal a transfer fee of 25 million euros.

Bayern president Uli Höness had a public sparring session with Schalke’s sporting director, Horst Heldt, about the initial terms. The lack of certainty about the transfer then made Jörg Butt sign a one-year extension. Schalke was insisting it wanted something around 25 millions to lose their keeper.

If you want my opinion, Manuel Neuer can make sure that the new offer will be accepted. Remember how a guy named Danijel Pranjic paid a small amount of money to meet the required fee for a transfer to FCB.

Should Manuel Neuer threaten to leave in 2012, after his contract is finished, he could accelerate proceedings for this summer. Schalke could then use the much-needed money. This is a club that did not yet pay its 2.8 million transfer fee for Ghana international Anthony Annan…

Therefore, the Neuer situation has to be dealt with quickly, in everyone’s interests.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge stays

In other news, the club has confirmed that chairman and now chief-diplomat-at-large Karl-Heinz Rummenigge extended his contract until December 2013. That is good news, given his newfound ability to calm things down when president Uli Höness stirs the pot.

Breno hurt

Less importantly, Breno is injured and he faces a month-long break. Not that it really matters for the team.