Player ratings: the ref that killed this Real-Bayern game

Due to unusual circumstances, we have a change of agenda with our player ratings for the second leg “loss” Bayern suffered against Real Madrid. Only one rating counts: that of the referee.


Viktor Kassai

He called a non-existent yellow card against Arturo Vidal. He failed to punish Casemiro for his play and terrible acting on all occasions when he went down. Kassai also allowed a clear offside goal scored by Cristiano Ronaldo in extra time. He distributed yellow cards freely to Bayern players, making sure that the team would go down in the semis if it managed to go through.

For that reason, I am assigning a Bad rating to Kassai for the failure he was. He changed the course of a Champions League quarter-final on his own and prevented fair play from prevailing.

Also for that reason, I am not going to rate Bayern players. They cannot be evaluated fairly in such circumstances. Let’s not kid ourselves.

Not rated

Everybody else

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