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Player ratings: super average performance in Leverkusen stalemate

After a very average performance and another poor showing from Thomas Müller, Bayern drew 0:0 against Bayer Leverkusen, even with the latter down to 10.

No one showed excellence in a wholly ineffective team performance wrought with several missed goalscoring opportunities. Thomas Müller was once again mute with the ball and the defence showed no bright spells. The team were unable to produce any goals even against a Leverkusen side with 10.




Thiago Alcantara

He was strong throughout, pushing the ball forward and attempting goals just moments into the game. He even made six successful defensive tackles, getting the ball back from Leverkusen’s attackers. He was important in keeping the game in Bayern’s control, with most of his passes coming in the middle third. He was everywhere, though, pushing forward when needed as well as dipping back for some defensive action.



The little Brazilian made some key tackles when the defence eagerly called for it especially earlier on in the game when the other defenders still seemed to be a bit slow.

Manuel Neuer

He did not have much to do this evening but had to step in as a defender on a few (rare) occasions, and he did this well.

Juan Bernat

He was slow and missed important interceptions, leading to some close calls in defence for Bayern. As the game went on he did work hard, and even had a shot on target although it lacked power (18’) and was easily saved. He made a clumsy, frazzled tackle which could have led to a yellow (20’) but thankfully did not. He got into the game as time passed, pushing forward and making some fine crosses forward such as one to Thiago (39’) which could have led to a great opening goal.

Joshua Kimmich

Little Kimmich was super fast, speeding back to the defence when needed, marking Leverkusen tightly. He was hard-working, took corners effectively and was constantly on the move. 

Kingsley Coman

He did well to emulate Ribéry on the wings, providing pace and sharp crosses forward although sometimes they did lack power.

Arjen Robben

He had an impact almost immediately. Granted he came on (to replace Costa) as soon as Leverkusen were down to 10 men after a red card for Jedvaj, he added a bit more precision to Bayern’s crosses. This precision, however, was not enough to result in a goal. 

Philipp Lahm

The captain also added more of a push forward for Bayern when he was subbed on, but was somehow unable to make them score. He had a bright moment to score towards the end of the game, when he received a cross in from Müller but the ball somehow rolled away. 

Arturo Vidal

To his credit, Vidal did try and score but the attempts were not great and were not successful. He had four shots, half of which went off target and the other half of which were blocked.


Douglas Costa

Costa provided the ideal pairing to Coman (the Robben to his Ribéry if you will), adding pace on the right flank but his crosses lacked direction showing his need for refinement.

David Alaba

He had a good chance to score (60’) with a shot on goal from outside the box that went just over the net. He did well going forward but made some questionable defensive calls, especially when Bellarabi had a close power shot on target. Alaba should have rushed back to defend it better but he looked on at Bellarabi, confused and as though expecting Neuer to do there necessary legwork.

Javi Martínez

Javi did alright defensively, making three successful tackles – all in the middle third; however he did seem to be wishing he was a defensive midfielder more than an actual defender. Hmm. 


Thomas Müller

The man is in a funk and it breaks my heart (as well as most Bayern fans’ hearts) to see him this way. He started off very quiet. Throughout the game, he seemed to lose his nerve as he got up close to the net. He kept squandering his chances and his first touch was pretty poor. He showed some moments of brightness, however, in the first half when he had a strong run, zipping past Leverkusen defenders but somehow bottled the chance as he got in sight of the net. He looked below par in the second half again, however. Disappointing.

Not rated

Ulreich, Feldhahn, Obermair, Alonso, Sanches

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