editor's corner

Bayern Central goes on hiatus on the Web, remains on Twitter

After six years of activity, it’s time to put the Bayern Central blog on hiatus although it has been a blast to build it. We are exploring the options before deciding its future.

I am stepping down as editor-in-chief. There will be no new content on the site before reaching a decision. The Twitter account will however remain active with livetweets and commentary.


Anybody who has done it knows that blogging is a lifestyle. You are inhabited by it, even when you are on vacation. Six years of blogging take their toll, especially when you already work full-time and have other activities.

A personal change of scenery has started a couple of months ago, when I reduced the time spent working for Bayern Central. Reclaiming free time has only sparked ideas to do other things, and eventually redefined priorities. I am no longer willing to spend a chunk of my weekends at home to edit other people’s posts and run a full operation by myself. Nor do I want to stay up until 1:00 in the morning in midweek to wrap up Champions League coverage. I want to focus on hobbies that are not directly affected by the football schedule. I can drop something and pick it up a few days later without letting readers or a blogging team down.

Until further notice, look no further than to @bayerncentral on Twitter to hear our views on the game. It will be fed by myself, Juan Pablo González, Zahra Hasan and Steffen Peters. We won’t vanish in front of our 17000+ followers.

Mission accomplished

No matter what we do, I want to thank readers who generated millions of pageviews on just 3100 blog posts since 2011. Building an audience out of this can be considered as a success. I can say mission accomplished.

I especially want to thank the people who gave us money on Patreon in the last year. The proceeds from their generosity were used to pay writers. We will send patrons a note when cancelling their pledges.

Thank you. It’s been fun. See you on Twitter if you are there and I hope that we can keep this operation going in a new way.