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Player ratings: A frustrating day going forward for Bayern Munich

It was a tough day for many of Bayern’s attacking players. Hoffenheim took an early lead but Bayern fought back. However, the hosts were only good enough for a 1-1 draw as some of Bayern’s big threats up front could do little against a very tough opponent.






Manuel Neuer

Germany’s number 1 was not able to keep a clean sheet today, but Hoffenheim’s lone goal was unsavable. Apart from that Neuer was in control of everything that came his way. He played the ball out from the back with his typical style as well.

Arjen Robben

Bayern’s best attacking threat today was the aging Dutchman. That’s either an indictment on the players around him or a credit to Robben’s wonderful talent. He provided the pass to Costa following a wonderful run, to set up the own goal. He always looked up for a run at the Hoffenheim defense, and more often than not he was successful.

Robben gave Bayern numerous opportunities from set pieces as well. When not completing his take-ons he was drawing fouls in dangerous positions. Unfortunately, Bayern did not take advantage of any free kicks. Robben himself took a crack with one free-kick, but he could do little more than hit the wall. He was taken off late in the game for the fresh legs of Coman.


Rafinha had a good game. He made good runs along with Robben on the right-hand side and even forced a save early in the game. Defensively, he kept things under control. Rafinha always seems to be underrated, but today he showed why he keeps getting game time.



It’s a little odd that Thiago’s best moment of the match was a defensive intervention in his own box, but such was Bayern’s day. The Spaniard didn’t make much of an impact going forward, which, like most of his teammates, was likely a result of Hoffenheim’s terrific gameplan. Despite that, it was good to see Thiago track back and help out on defense.

Mats Hummels

Nothing much to write home about for Bayern’s big summer signing. Hummels had a competent game defensively, which is good, considering some recent blunders. That said, he was unable to lend much to the game going forward. Along with Boateng, the long passing game was pretty well neutralized. He had a good opportunity to score late on, but his strike went off the post.

Robert Lewandowski

Bayern’s lone striker had relatively little service today, especially in the first half. The Pole looked his best, however, when linking up with Robben. Unfortunately, those moments were few and far between as too often Lewandowski seemed to be on an island all by himself. It was not a bad day for last year’s top scorer, because he cannot be blamed for the poor service, but it did not look like he was able to create much space for himself either.

Douglas Costa

The speedy winger brought his running shoes today and it gave Hoffenheim plenty of trouble. Costa’s run in the first half contributed to Bayern’s equalizer. He quickly ran through the midfield and received a pass from Robben. Instead of shooting he attempted a cross to Lewandowski, but instead found a Hoffenheim defender who kindly put the ball into the net for the hosts. The second half was much less kind to the Brazilian. Costa never found himself in a dangerous position as the game went on. His crossing in the late stages of the game was also subpar.

Jerome Boateng

Like his partner, Boateng wasn’t too busy defensively today. It is hard to place fault on anyone for Hoffenheim’s opener, though it could be said he was a little too far up field when that move started. There was also little opportunity to play his trademark long passes today, as Hoffenheim did a good job of limiting that aspect of Bayern’s game. He came off late for Alaba, which seemed to be a tactical move to get more players up the pitch.

Juan Bernat

Bernat was not very noticeable today, which isn’t a bad thing. If you want to be harsh you could say he could have done better coming across the box on Demirbay’s goal, but that was just a great goal, and they happen sometimes. Bernat was solid the rest of the game, but nothing more. His crossing left something to be desired at times, but that could be said about most of Bayern’s players today.

Arturo Vidal

Vidal was largely anonymous today, giving his midfield partners Alonso and Thiago more of the spotlight. Despite that, he did well enough to keep the ball despite Hoffenheim’s aggressive pressing. He completed 42 of 49 passes. He came off after 70 minutes for Müller who was brought on in search of a winner.

Kingsley Coman

Coman came on late to try to add a little freshness to Bayern’s attack. He did that, but wasn’t on long enough to make a huge impact. The Frenchman had a few good runs and helped set up Müllers chance that hit the post. It was a short appearance, but one that showed some improvement for a player that has struggled at times this year.

Xabi Alonso

Alonso seemed troubled by Hoffenheim’s aggressive press at times. However, he started the movement with a great first pass on Bayern’s first-half equalizer.  In the second half, the 34-year-old was much better. With the visitors sitting back a little more, Alonso had more time to pass the ball around. In the end, however, Alonso didn’t control the game as he might be accustomed. He was not a liability, but like a lot of Bayern’s midfielders, there was not much going forward.


Thomas Müller

Müller can’t buy a goal. The German international came on late to bring a little more firepower in a 1-1 game. He had chances as well, but couldn’t find the back of the net. He had a free header at one point which was shot straight into Baumann’s arms. His best chance, however, came in extra time when he had a chance from six yards out, but could only hit the post. It was another frustrating day for Thomas.

Not rated

David Alaba

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