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When we launched Bayern Central in 2011, we dreamed of making this publication a leading blog. We have largely succeeded, but our current model is reaching its limits.

We turn to you because a small monthly contribution can help develop this publication further without the need for pesky advertisements.

Football bloggers usually work for free. They devote limited resources to a passion and pay for Web hosting bills. It pushes them to accept sponsorships in the form of paid links to gambling sites and publishing click-bait articles to serve ads. Those offer low rates, track behavior and pollute sites visually.

We want to be different. If we raise money with the help of our audience, we can serve it better and pay our writers decent rates.

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Committing to provide us with at least $1 per month through our page on the Patreon crowdfunding platform. In exchange, we pledge to tie funding milestones to concrete actions.

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